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Best whole wheat pasta: 6 healthy diet options for you!

A lip-smacking bowl of pasta is just comforting. So, check out this list of the best whole wheat pasta to make your diet healthy.

A bowl of pasta is all you need to satisfy your cravings. If you also want to enjoy a satisfying and comforting meal, consider eating whole-wheat pasta. Unlike other kinds of pasta, which are made from milled grains, whole wheat pasta is made from the entire wheat kernel, which is loaded with essential nutrients. Switching over to whole-grain pasta is beneficial as it helps to improve your digestive health, and lower the risk of heart disease, obesity and more. They are a rich source of protein, antioxidants, iron, zinc, vitamin B, copper, folic acid, magnesium and selenium. We have compiled a list of the best whole wheat pasta brands to help you enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

6 best whole wheat pasta

Check out this list of the best whole-wheat pasta in India:

1. DiSano Pastalicious 100% Durum Wheat Penne Pasta

Are you craving delicious pasta? DiSano Pastalicious 100% Durum Wheat Pasta might be the perfect choice for you! Made using 100 per cent durum wheat, this packet of pasta contains protein and is free from cholesterol. A perfect option for healthy snacks, this pasta does not contain any trans fat, artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.

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2. GUSTORA Whole Wheat Fusilli Pasta

Enjoy the rich flavour of fusilli pasta from GUSTORA. It is made using durum, wheat, semolina and water. Free from suji and maida, this 100 per cent vegetarian pasta is a rich source of protein and fibre. The brand states that this pasta is free from trans fat, and cholesterol and has high roughness of perfect absorption. So, try it today as it can be a perfect treat for your friends and family.

3. Colavita Penne Rigate Whole Wheat Pasta

Colavita Penne Rigate Whole Wheat Pasta is a rich source of nutrients. It contains dietary fibers, and protein, and is free from artificial ingredients. This whole wheat pasta may help develop an effective balancing action in the intestine and can keep you fuller for longer.

4. Del Monte Penne Rigate Pasta

Del Monte Penne Rigate Pasta offers you a perfect choice for making delicious recipes. Made using whole durum wheat semolina, the brand claims that this pasta can help you experience a rich flavour. It may also help you adapt to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Rich in dietary fibre, this pasta may slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and fats in the body, which can help you feel satiated for a longer duration. It also contains protein, which can help in building strong muscles and bones.

5. Barilla Pasta Penne Rigate Durum Wheat

Barilla Pasta Penne Rigate Durum Wheat is made using 100 per cent high-quality durum wheat. Free from maida, this pasta allows you to make delicious meals. It is also a rich source of energy and is naturally low in fat with a low glycemic index, which keeps you fuller for longer. Pair this pasta with your favourite sauce to enjoy a healthy diet.

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6. Colavita Fettuccine Durum Wheat Pasta

This packet of pasta from Colavita might be a perfect option for a healthy snack time. Made using durum wheat, this pasta is free from salts and artificial ingredients. It is enriched with the goodness of protein and fibre, which helps to regulate your calorie intake, keep your digestive system healthy, and maintain bone and muscle health. With its rich flavour, aroma and texture, this pasta makes for a perfect Italian meal.

What are the benefits of whole wheat pasta?

  • Whole wheat pasta is made from whole wheat durum wheat, which retains all its essential nutrients. It contains fibre, vitamins and minerals, which help to maintain bowel health, support muscles and nerve function and promote energy production. According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, whole grain supplies essential nutrients, which help in disease prevention.
  • The presence of dietary fibre in the best whole wheat pasta for weight loss helps to keep you satiated and full. It helps prevent overeating, keeps calorie intake in check and supports weight management goals.
  • With their low glycemic index, these pastas lead to a slower and more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. This makes it ideal for people with diabetes as it helps in better blood sugar management.
  • The fibre content of the pasta helps to reduce cholesterol levels. A study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine found that whole grains can help prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of whole grain pasta can help lower the risk of stroke, and heart disease and improve blood pressure.
  • They help in digestion as they add a bulk of stools and facilitate the passage through the digestive tract. It can help prevent constipation, promote regular bowel movements and enhance gut health.

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How to choose the best whole-wheat pasta?

Here are a few things to remember while choosing the best whole-wheat pasta:

  • Check the ingredients list of the product, Make sure that it contains whole wheat flour or whole durum wheat flour.
  • Look for products, which are labelled as “100 percent whole grain” as they indicate that all the grain ingredients are whole grains.
  • Choose a product, which contains higher fiber content per serving. This ensures that you are getting the digestive and health benefits associated with dietary fibres.
  • Examine the texture and colour of the pasta. Make sure that it has a darker, and more brownish colour.
  • Look for products that come with certificates from reputable organisations like the USDA Organic Seal.
  • Besides fibre, consider the overall nutritional profile of the product. Make sure that it contains essential nutrients like vitamins, iron, magnesium and more. Ensure that the product is free from trans fat and other artificial ingredients.

What is the difference between whole wheat pasta and regular pasta?

Whole wheat pasta is made from whole grain durum wheat, which retains all the bran, germ and endosperm. It contains high fibre, vitamins and minerals. Regular pasta is made from refined wheat, where the bran and germ are removed. This reduces the nutritional profile of the pasta. Unlike regular pasta, which has a smoother texture, whole wheat pasta comes with a nuttier flavour and firmer texture.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Is whole wheat pasta healthy?
    A study published in Researchgate mentioned that whole-grain pasta contains high antioxidant properties and offers more nutrients. They help promote better digestion and heart health.
  • Is whole wheat pasta good for digestion?
    A study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism states that this kind of pasta can reduce hunger and promote fullness. It helps avoid overeating, improves your digestive health lower the risk of obesity and more.

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