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Best portable insulin coolers: 6 picks to store insulin safely

Insulin therapy is an integral part of diabetes treatment. So, try the best portable insulin coolers to keep your insulin safe while travelling.

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the body cannot produce enough insulin or cannot use the insulin that they produce. In this case, many diabetics have to inject insulin, a hormone that regulates the blood glucose levels. While taking insulin on a daily basis for diabetics is important to manage the blood glucose levels, storing it properly is equally essential to maintain its effectiveness. Portable insulin coolers come in handy while travelling as they help keep the insulin at the recommended temperature range. This cooling container often uses cold packs or refrigeration technology and helps you carry insulin during outdoor activities without worrying about it spoiling. We have curated a list of the best portable insulin coolers that you may try to store and carry your insulin safely.

What is an insulin cooler?

Insulin can get spoiled in warm weather in just 6 hours, as per the Oregon State University. In such cases, portable insulin coolers step in to sustain the effectiveness of insulin that is a temperature sensitive hormone. They are especially designed to store insulin while ensuring that it remains within the recommended temperature range. These compact and portable containers use cooling mechanisms like gel packs or electronic refrigeration to keep the potency of the insulin.

6 best portable insulin coolers

Here is a list of the best insulin coolers in India that you may use to maintain the effectiveness of insulin.

1. Lulala Insulin Cooler Travel Case

Lulala Insulin Cooler Travel Case comes with a built-in temperature display feature that helps you see the real time temperature. This insulin cooler for travel allows you to monitor the inside temperature and offers a better cooling effect. The brand states that its cooler comes with two premium reusable gel ice packs that can maintain the temperature of your insulin pen and other items for up to 10 hours without electricity. This insulin container is made from EVA composite leather of the highest calibre. It also contains thermal insulation cotton that offers thermal insulation effect. This bag features triple layers to hold at least 8 insulin pens, syringes and other blood glucose monitoring supplies.

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2. SHBC Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Oxford Insulin Pen Carrying Case

SHBC Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Oxford Insulin Pen Carrying Case comes with the right size to help you carry your insulin pens and other supplies easily. It features AI foil to protect the insulin for hours. The case has ice brick with damping to safely hold the insulin in place. It also features webbing to prevent the ice brick from getting stuck in the case. Made from oxford fabric and EVA material, this case comes with a waterproof zipper. The brand also claims that its portable insulin cooler can keep the insulin safe for up to 12 hours.

3. HANNEA Insulin Cooler Travel Case

HANNEA Insulin Cooler Travel Case is made with waterproof Oxford cloth. The outer part of the case is waterproof, while the interior features two mesh pockets and three inside compartments. The additional storage compartments help to store other supplies like syringes. It promises to offer a cooling effect for about 12 hours in summer and 24 hours in spring and autumn. The bag features the highest quality aluminium foil to make it suitable for maintaining heat and cooling. The brand claims that its insulin cooler for diabetes patients can provide the heat insulation effect.

4. CareVego Insulin Pen Travel Safe Cooler Ice Bag

CareVego Insulin Pen Travel Safe Cooler Ice Bag is lined with padded and quilted layers and aluminium foil. These materials can help provide a thermal insulating barrier and keep the supplies in suitable temperature. It is made from hard EVA material with waterproof nylon fabric to protect your syringes, vitals and other kits. This portable medical bag is easy to carry and store because of its lightweight and compact design.

5. Bogush 48 Hrs Medicine Cooler TSA Approved Insulin Pen Travel Case

Bogush claims that its TSA approved insulin pen travel case doesn’t need power. This cooler is easy to carry and can keep the temperature at 2-8 degrees of 30 degree Celsius. It promises to offer a better cooling effect and can store 2 insulin pens in normal size. The brand states that its product is ergonomically designed to protect your insulin while travelling.

6. KEKHEALTH Insulin Cooler Travel Case

KEKHEALTH Insulin Cooler Travel Case is made with stainless steel liner and features laser welding sealing technology for better security. This insulin cooler can store your insulin and other medicines at 2-25 degree Celsius. The brand states that its insulin travel case doesn’t need power and comes with sufficient space to accommodate all your supplies.

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What are the benefits of portable insulin coolers?

  • Portable insulin coolers can help maintain the temperature to retain the potency of insulin.
  • They are especially designed to be compact and lightweight to make them suitable for travelling. These coolers can maintain the effectiveness of your medicines without feeling bulky white travelling.
  • Most of these coolers are equipped with multiple storage compartments. They help to safely store your insulin along with other supplies.
  • These portable insulin coolers don’t require powder, which helps to provide a safeguard against temperature fluctuation even in the absence of electricity.
  • Most of these portable coolers can keep your insulin safe for up to 10 hours or more. This ensures that your insulin and other medicine retain its effectiveness for longer duration.

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How to choose the right portable insulin cooler?

  • Look for coolers that are equipped with cooling technology. Choose a cooler that can maintain the temperature range for insulin storage.
  • Make sure that the insulin cooler offers precise temperature control and is not affected by external conditions.
  • Opt for coolers that are made from high quality material. This will ensure that the product will last long and provide a better cooling effect.
  • Choose a cooler that comes with adjustable compartments to help you store different insulins and other supplies safely.
  • Consider the size, weight and design of the case. Choose the one that is lightweight, compact and portable so that you carry it while travelling.
  • While some coolers operate on battery powder, others may require a power outlet or USB connection. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle and travel preferences.
  • Look for additional features like digital temperature displays, alarms and more. This will enhance the effectiveness of the container and the medicines.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What are different types of insulin?

The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention categorises insulin in seven different types. These types of insulin include rapid acting, rapid-acting inhaled, regular/short acting, intermediate acting, long acting, ultra-long acting and premixed. Each of these insulins have different methods of taking, onset and peak time.

Generally, it is advised by health care providers and manufacturers to store insulin in refrigerators. But, the American Diabetes Association states that injecting cold insulin can make the injection painful. To avoid this, store your insulin at room temperature.

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